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Service Basket

Service Basket: Risk Management Services for Development Organizations

The offer is valid till 1st December 2016 only!


Risk Society is introducing a new service line: Service Basket! It is aimed at development, charity, and humanitarian organizations in the Netherlands who are willing to strengthen their risk management and need to secure high-level professional support on irregular basis. You can contact Risk Society and receive technical assistance within the next 24 hours!


Do you have questions about how to manage your organizational risks or how to identify and analyze your programmic risks? Do you want to learn how to explore opportunities throughout your interventions or while designing your strategies? Are you interested in how to shape Risk Management Policy of your organization to improve your portfolio performance? Do you want to know how to build the capacities of your staff and partners to address uncertainties? What are the specifics of risk communication? How to strengthen risk culture within the organization? How to ensure resilience within your organization and your programming? Or do you want to know more about ISO 31000:2009 and its application in your organization?


By purchasing one of these packages you can contact us throughout the next 6-month period (from the date of purchase). We’re on stand-by regime to address your questions within 24 hours. Communication with Risk Society could be organized via Skype, by phone, per email, or in-person (additional transportation costs may apply).


Service Basket:

Package 1:

4-hour consultation for 500Euro + VAT


Package 2:

10-hour consultation for 850Euro + VAT


Package 3:

20-hourconsultation for 1500Euro + VAT


Package 4:

10-hour consultation + 4-hour ‘Building Organizational and Programmatic Resilience’ workshop for 2850Euro + VAT